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Athletes Block Capital

Athletes Block Capital is a digital assets investment fund focused on increasing financial literacy, open-access education, and economic inclusion.


Digital assets in a new economy

Previously non-liquid assets can now be traded directly between anyone, anywhere, in person or in cyberspace. This newfound ability to tokenize any item in the market has created resources, unlocked creative energy, and expanded intellectual capital.


In a constant state of evolution

We engage with projects and organizations that are in a progressive state of self-reflection, profusely peer reviewing work and learning from historic events. Our investments reflect the worldview we aspire to achieve, a world without middlemen, where wealth and power are distributed throughout the hands of the empowered many rather than a privileged few.


Today's complex system

We currently live in a world where the constant pursuit of profit optimization has transcended to greed and become the driving force by which we shape most of our studies, passions, existence and ultimately investments. Subsequently, this outlook completely defies natural cycles and evolution itself – like it or not, this is all about to change.

Everything today has turned into exchange values, whereby all of the parts of reality can be monetized, capitalized, and profited on purely for personal and reputational gain.

How about we positively change that?


The Key Values

Global Economic Inclusion
Catalyzing Innovation
Real-world Applicability
Financial Transparency
Fundamental Research

We strive to catalyze permissionless creativity, advocate for open-source technology, and increase financial literacy amongst athletes, while creating enhanced opportunities for everyone around the world.


Becoming comfortable diversifying

Professional athletes are becoming more aware and comfortable with learning about the finance industry, taking control of their hard earned wealth, and diversifying their long-term investments through avenues such as digital assets, even if it is in the form of digitally minted highlights.

Athletes have recently shown increased interest in investments related to blockchain-based projects and digital assets, through group investing, private equity or angel investors.


of generational Wealth

As financial paradigm shifts and inflation increases traditional investments become increasingly volatile, 401(k)'s become instable, and retirement savings render less secure.

Finally, we consider the future security and equitable distribution of generational wealth along with ensuring the preservation of available and renewable resources for generations to come.

Financial Literacy

One of the best things about decentralized finance and cryptocurrency is that it obliges you to examine your relationship with money at a much deeper level. The greater your understanding of the true nature of money, savings, debt and risk, the more equipped you become with the proper skillset to control your own wealth.

Regenerative Economics

Today, investments prioritize financial return over the needs and interests of the industry workers or local governments, concentrating economic growth and wealth creation in specific areas by a select few, rather than the collective success, prosperity and well-being of the community as a whole. Regenerative economics prioritizes the interests of communities, the workers, and the success of the business as equal.

Building Communities

Historically, we have enabled a system that allows the already wealthy to amass even more wealth. By focusing on grassroots community-based economic development efforts and collaborating with locals directly in these communities, we can begin to see the global wealth disparity narrowing with the long-term goal of decentralization and these communities generating their own wealth through re-productive capital.


The Quantum Incubator serves as a bridge for concepts and ideas to come to life through connecting our entire network of partners, projects, and investors together to enhance real-world applicability and consistent efficiency. Throughout incubation, we are able to the find ambitious and mission-driven entrepreneurs, guide them through the Q.I. program and sustain them through partner relationships and on-going support.

Uncorrelated Diversification

In general, uncorrelated, liquid and return-generating assets are extremely uncommon to investors. However, some digital assets are not directly correlated to any traditional asset classes. DeFi's uncorrelated nature on global markets makes it possible to protect investors from the rapidly shifting global monetary policies and has proved to be an extremely resilient hedge against the traditional market factors that have affected the most basic of asset classes.


Idiosyncratic threats aggregate into structural risks much faster in a fragile system than in a antifragile system. A fragile system thrives in peace, certainty, and predictability, while an antifragile system not only survives but thrives in disorder and instability. Strategic antifragility and it's mechanisms help guide a systematic shift to nonpredictive decision making under uncertainty in finance, economics, and life in general.


Don’t be a victim of change, harness its power. Move with it. Be guided by it.

When the misery of what’s familiar becomes worse than the discomfort of what’s uncertain, you’re ready to change. When you finally recognize your own pain in the suffering of others, you’re ready to change. When you see how difficult the path ahead of you is, but you’re genuinely grateful just to have found a way out, you’re ready to change. When longing to be in the light overcomes the fear of passing through darkness, you’re ready to change.

Create you destiny. Make change today.

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